Moxion - the world’s first dailies platform to offer Dolby Vision.

As the world’s most innovative dailies platform, Moxion is proud to be selected as the pioneer video review partner for Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision is an advanced, proprietary, 12-bit colour depth HDR format that delivers extraordinary brightness, colour and contrast control for next-level visual storytelling.

It is preferred by leading content creators like 20th Century Studios and Netflix - and heavily supported on end user devices from manufacturers such as Panasonic, LG and Sony.

Moxion’s foundational partnership with Dolby now takes the production, post and visual effects industries to a new level of image creation.

“Moxion is proud to be the pioneer partner with Dolby on the end-to-end integration of incredible Dolby Vision into the moving image production process,” says Hugh Calveley, CEO of Moxion.

“Now your Dolby Vision assets can be ingested, transcoded, and played back with the secure, high-speed Moxion ecosystem. Dolby Vision, plus Moxion’s ability to make frame-accurate annotation and comments, gives certainty to the colourist, editor and VFX team that feedback is against their original creation.”

Dolby Vision uses dynamic metadata to manage image information down to extraordinary frame-by-frame level detail, giving moving image professionals incredible control over their visuals - and delivering a richer, cinema-level experience to the end viewer.

The Covid-19 pandemic has crystalized the need for superior remote solutions in the production pipeline. Reduced numbers on-set and remote distributed workflows are the ‘new normal’, and now Moxion’s support for Dolby Vision takes the uncertainty out of remote review.

“Covid forced the industry into innovating ways to sign off on cuts, VFX and colour grades in scenarios where you can’t bring people into the same room," Calveley says. "Having Dolby Vision available on the Moxion platform guarantees everyone is making creative decisions based on exactly the same image. That's a huge step forward and we're super excited to offer it to our customers.”

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