Moxion doubles down on offerings for professional filmmakers.

New Moxion features are raising the standard in pro dailies & workflow says Moxion CEO Hugh Calveley.

“In our quest to create the ultimate professional workflow pipeline to help filmmakers tell better stories, we are doubling down on all the extraordinary features you signed up to experience using Moxion.

With some productions these days costing more than the GDP of a small island nation, the security stakes are huge.

And while everyone else talks a big security game, we actually deliver. In fact, our studio-grade protection is unmatched by any other service in the industry, making Moxion the impenetrable moat around your production.

And now we’re upping the game with features such as invisible burnt-in forensic watermarking for HDR and Dolby Vision assets. This is pixel-level fingerprinting that adds heavyweight protection, along with our other security features like Multi Factor Authentication and full Digital Rights Management

Even more remarkable, you can deploy this new burnt-in watermarking on your livestreams inside secure Moxion Realtime Review, which has re-written the playbook for online collaboration.

Livestream from desktop or set with Realtime Share (live desktop feeds anywhere inside the post pipeline) and Realtime Live (your own livestreaming virtual video village). Join a Realtime room and collaborate with video chat. All your assets are in sync and streamed in high fidelity.

From our days on set we deeply understand the creative and technical demands of high-end and high quality productions on the workflow pipeline, so we are committed to raising the bar at every relevant touchpoint.

Which is why, over five years ago, we introduced our flagship Moxion Immediates® as the first near-instant dailies product. And why we were the first dailies service to offer streaming HDR10 and Dolby Vision as standard; and why your digital assets are inviolably secure yet instantly accessible 24/7 around the world with our CDN’s 300,000 points of presence in more than 130 countries. 

It’s also why we are the preferred platform of choice for the largest production studios in the world. The same studios who love how the Moxion platform plays so well with other products in the pro workflow… like QTAKE, Avid and ShotGrid. And the way Moxion deploys, scales and even customises to your vision.

The world is changing and we’re all changing with it - and we’re seeing consolidations and acquisitions in our industry. 

But at Moxion we’re committed to one simple premise: delivering an unrivalled professional, studio-level service to the industry’s leading filmmakers and content creators.

After all, when the security of your work is on the line, there’s no margin for error.”

Hugh Calveley, CEO, Moxion

Recent Moxion awards:

Moxion Immediates - Winner Advanced Imaging Society honour at the 2021 Entertainment Technology Lumiere Awards

Moxion Immediates - Winner 2020 HPA Engineering Excellence Award

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