Moxion Immediates® awarded again 
with Advanced Imaging Society honour.

The accolades have continued for innovative Moxion Immediates® with a win at the 11th Annual Entertainment Technology Lumiere Awards on March 30.

The accolades have continued for innovative Moxion Immediates™ with a win at the 11th Annual Entertainment Technology Lumiere Awards on March 30.

These are bestowed by the Advanced Imaging Society “to recognise distinguished technical achievements driving the entertainment industry forward with impact through innovation.”

“Our focus is helping the world’s storytellers to produce their magic,” says Moxion’s CEO Hugh Calveley. “Immediates has rapidly become a go-to feature for the industry’s leading content creators and this recognition from the Advanced Imaging Society is the icing on the cake.”

“It’s a tribute to the talent we have at Moxion and their passion for building incredible technology. But the ultimate reward is seeing the amazing stories our customers tell and knowing Moxion has enabled them to get more budget and  more creativity onscreen.”

Moxion Immediates is the product of multiple innovations, enabling post and production to securely share and review footage, within minutes of creation. 

Using Immediates footage flows from onset QTAKE video assist into the Moxion cloud, where it can be reviewed and logged, before flowing into Editorial or VFX (incl. Shotgun) workflows. This includes complete metadata from camera to action notes and VFX inputs, with support for HDR10 & 4K.

Conversely, footage created in post (for example VFX previs and edits) can be sent via the Moxion cloud securely back to set for playback on the onset monitors, or to any iOS device.

We’re proud to join our 11 fellow honorees including Sohonet, Digital Domain, The Third Floor, EIZO, Deluxe and others in receiving this accolade.

“Our honorees this year provided the technical genius required to keep Hollywood productions moving,” said Advanced Imaging Society president Jim Chabin. “These technologies and solutions will remain valued new tools long after this [Covid 19] crisis has receded.”

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