Collaboration supercharged: Moxion meets Sohonet

We’ve partnered with Sohonet to power up asset review. Now you can choose real-time or near-time review. Remote. Secure. Flexible.

As the world’s leading dailies platform - and the first to have both HDR and Dolby Vision - we understand that sometimes creative teams need the extra resource of high quality, real-time review.

That’s why we now offer ClearView Flex and ClearView Pivot bundled with Moxion -  in an exclusive partnership with Sohonet, the industry leaders in real-time collaboration.

ClearView gives creators the same ‘over-the-shoulder’ collaborative experience you’d get from gathering around a monitor or in a suite, remotely.

With ClearView Flex you can stream live, encrypted video in real-time from any source via HDMI or SDI to your team members and clients and enable them to review and approve content from anywhere, on any screen. Flex supports 2K resolution at 8-bit 4:2:0 chroma with ultra-low latency.

ClearView Pivot shares colour and frame accurate footage in 4K HDR, as if you're in the suite, designed for remote screening, colour grading and finishing review and approvals. Switch or connect between multiple endpoints from a single web interface. Flex’s frame-accurate footage streams 4k HDR with 12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling in real-time with ultra-low latency. Both services are served across Sohonet's private SMN connection.

“Bringing together Moxion and Sohonet is a home run for content creators,” says Hugh Calveley, CEO of Moxion. “Moxion’s HDR Immediates is the gold standard for near-time review so adding the ability to harness the power of live review offers an extremely valuable toolkit to filmmakers.”

“Teaming up with Moxion is a great match” says Sohonet CEO Chuck Parker. “They understand the unique challenges that productions face, and share our vision: to revolutionise the way storytellers create content by making collaboration seamless and more secure.”

So welcome Moxion x Sohonet: a new era in synchronous and asynchronous remote review - and a match made in heaven for storytellers.

Click here for more information on Sohonet ClearView

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