Collab goes to the moon with new Moxion Realtime.

Incredible new Realtime from Moxion is advanced review with built-in video conferencing - and the latest benchmark in filmmaking collaboration.

Now your production can run a live, remote assessment of any asset, anywhere, any time - including pre-uploaded assets and live streams from set or suite - with new Moxion Realtime.

Think of Realtime as advanced ‘video conferencing for review’, cloud-built inside Moxion, with full support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

The powerful Realtime feature-set is available in three flavours: Realtime Review, Realtime Share and Realtime Live.

Shot that key scene and want everyone in an online review meeting? Simply jump into Moxion and call a live event session in Realtime Review.

Add all the users as you want (up to 50) and run a live, synchronous assessment of any asset. The latest scene or a complete cut, dailies, VFX clips, script drafts, promo stills or temp score tracks: if it exists inside Moxion it can be discussed, dissected and annotated with Realtime Review.

Same Moxion user experience. Same Moxion reliability. And all without having to leave the end-to-end security of the Moxion ecosystem.

Want to jump in on an edit? Advise on VFX? Realtime Share puts your team members on the sofa right there in the suite with your editors, VFX artists, colourists or any other contributor.

Forget clunky screen sharing: thanks to our Akamai CDN everyone in your Moxion virtual room receives their own high quality stream, direct from software like Avid, Premiere Pro and Resolve, with Moxion’s full studio-grade security.

Want to collaborate on footage streaming directly from set? That’s where Realtime Live comes in, your virtual video village by Moxion. Now anyone with authorised access can join a room in Moxion and watch secure, live feeds from set, whether one camera or ten, anywhere in the world.

Have your main unit Director watch a secure, second unit livestream while he directs on the first unit; or your studio head to watch a crucial scene being filmed, streamed live to their phone, laptop or Apple TV, wherever they are.

“We’re super excited to launch Realtime, which really is the next big leap forward in remote collaboration,” says Hugh Calveley, CEO of Moxion.

“Realtime makes it easy to run a review session with anyone, anywhere, through Moxion,” he adds. “In fact it’s already been used on several productions, including The Found Lederhosen, to create on the fly remote video villages and live edit review sessions - and to enable people to continue production whilst maintaining safe social distances.”

So welcome to new Realtime from Moxion: the most advanced collab tool available on planet earth for today’s professional content makers.

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