Adding value
To the business of filmmaking.

We understand every dollar counts. And how much is at stake.
Moxion drives quantifiable benefits: Decisions made faster, feedback received earlier, productivity increased.

Which means more budget on screen.

Then there’s the extraordinary Moxion user experience: switch seamlessly between multiple productions as you watch them progress.

View material using our amazing Moxion apps (including our exec favourite, streaming via Apple TV). And trust the rock-solid security of our industry-vetted and approved platform.

The Bottom Line
Read how Moxion Immediates helped Ash vs Evil Dead save more than $275k per season.

Bruce Campbell reprises his “Evil Dead” film role as heroic, chainsaw-handed monster fighter Ash Williams, now an aging lothario who has successfully avoided responsibility, maturity and heinous villains for the past 30 years. See how Moxion helped make Ash great again.


Ash vs Evil Dead

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More value from every production
with faster, easier, smarter collaboration.

You get more with Moxion

Moxion’s blend of security, power, simplicity sets the standard for digital dailes and media management.

With the added horsepower of Moxion Immediates that gets the DNA of the project - the footage - into the hands of those who need it, instantly.

Which means huge gains in production efficiency, cost reductions - and more content made better, faster.

More creativity up on screen

Increased efficiencies that actually enhance creative freedom: that’s the holy grail for any production.

Plug your next production into Moxion and watch the benefits flow - and see more budget landing where it matters most: up on screen.

And that will mean happier creatives, crews and, as the cost savings roll in, happier producers, studio bosses and cost accountants too.

Unparalleled security

The complete security of your assets is sacrosanct. And that’s a fact, not a promise - which is why Moxion is trusted by the world’s largest content makers. Our platform is built to the highest standards in the industry - and constantly evaluated by the world’s top security teams. Features like MPAA compliance, Watermarking, Multi Factor Authentication and full Digital Rights Management are just the start - we have created a safe and secure platform with data protection at the heart of everything we do.

Built-in screeners

You control every single second of media: securely and easily share material to nominated viewers with complete control and confidence. You determine access, viewable assets, link expiration and of course watermarking is fast and simple to customize. For collaboration, Moxion enables you to easily track, control and share your footage, with user access only via Moxion accounts.

An experience you’ll love

Dive into the elegant and intuitive Moxion interface for an experience we guarantee you’ll love. Learnable in minutes - yet incredibly feature-rich. Any device, anywhere: we’re browser, desktop, iPhone, iPad and, the one everyone loves, secure streaming via our client favourite - the Moxion app for Apple TV.

Testimonial - Standardised - Tim Weyers

When we standardized on Moxion as the dailies platform for all STX Entertainment productions, we knew we were getting the best dailies viewing experience available.
But we didn’t foresee how extensively Moxion would be used by our executives, our marketing teams and even our Board. It has made our lives so much easier.

Tim Weyers - SVP Post Production, STX Entertainment

Hustlers, 21 Bridges, The Best Of Enemies, Mile 22, The Upside

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