What Moxion is.


Moxion is a breakthrough in the way footage can be viewed, shared and edited by filmmakers. Using proprietary technology, it allows actual footage to be viewed, with metadata, within seconds after capture.

And not just on set. Using secure encryption, to the highest industry standard, Moxion allows anyone on your team, anywhere in the world, to view and use the footage at the same time.


T H E   F A B R I C   O F   F I L M M A K I N G ™


Moxion is designed to be the new Fabric of Filmmaking™, by integrating all of the production sub-systems together to speed up production. Today, we connect Video Assist, VFX and Editorial into Moxion. In future, even more integrations are planned.


Instantly, Everywhere

Moxion lets you instantly and easily share what you want with who you want. From the back of the camera to on-set, near-set or anywhere in the world: in seconds, complete with metadata.

Safe & Secure

Our MPAA-compliant DRM, end-to-end encryption, live activity monitoring, private, secured data-centres and content delivery networks meet the toughest security needs of the industry.

Metadata Smart

Moxion collates and stores metadata against your assets. Giving you the power to instantly access footage by scene, take, camera, actor or your own custom tags.




Whatever the scale of your production, as a Moxion customer you will enjoy a world class experience.



Collaborating is easy with the ability to comment on any point in the clip. Markers and drawings can be made directly over existing footage to provide precise feedback to the post-production crew.

Sort and Sift

Metadata can be used to create folders on the fly. For example, you can group clips by scene and sort by take. This creates a highly flexible, efficient way of viewing and managing content.

Email Notifications

Each user is in control of their own notifications and selects the appropriate level of activity to keep them abreast of progress.

Playback Memory

Moxion remembers your settings across multiple devices. If you pause a video on one device and log in on another, the video will resume playing from where you left off.

View and Collaborate

Moxion brings your team together in an instant, to share, communicate, search, sort and assemble your content. Focused feedback is sent only to those who need it, with custom communication and activity channels.

iPhone and iPad

Our iPad and iPhone apps are designed to easily find and view footage. No internet? No problem. Footage can be securely stored for offline playback.


Playlinks provide secure, easy viewing access to a selected audience. A selection of assets (video, audio, stills and PDFs) can be sent as a direct link, with expiry date, to nominated viewers.

Advanced Content Protection.

Moxion is designed with security built in, from the ground up. We adhere to best practices and constantly test ourselves against industry standards..




A D V A N C E D   S E C U R I T Y


We take content security as seriously as you do. MPAA compliance, Watermarking, Multi Factor Authentication and Digital Rights Management provide a watertight, secure platform while users still enjoy the best experience available.



Moxion watermarking provides a comprehensive layer of protection for your creative assets. Watermarks are easily customizable, with each mark having its own location, size and opacity. Watermarks can be rapidly burnt into downloaded files, in seconds instead of hours, providing fast access to footage.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Text, phone call or Google Authenticator provides an enhanced second layer of security at log-in.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Protect and control your IP with DRM, employing the highest standard of browser and iOS encryption available.

Everything Tracked, Everything Logged

All activities against a project or person are searchable for those with the appropriate permission. This provides an audit trail and a handy tool to know instantly when someone has viewed a clip.

Permissions and Access

With Moxion, all people who wish to view uploaded media must have a password-protected account. This prevents people from forwarding viewable links to third parties.

Only people who have been invited by the project owner can access the footage by logging into their account. It’s easy and efficient to control user creation and permissions, including user groups. For example, adding a team of studio executives to a production avoids adding them individually to each project.

Secure Out Back

Our servers are with Amazons AWS. Their world-class, highly secure data centers, hosted within the US, employ state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. The centers are staffed 24×7 by trained security guards, with strictly controlled access. Environmental systems are designed to minimise the impact of disruptions to operations, and multiple geographic regions and availability zones allows Moxion to remain resilient in the face of most failure modes, including natural disasters and system outages.

Our code of ethics also ensures that we will never breach customer confidentiality.


B R I N G I N G   I T   A L L   T O G E T H E R


We remove the pain of transferring footage between production systems.



Uploaded video, audio and image files can be transcoded to any web-playable format from 720 to 4k. Moxion uses parallel processing to reduce typical transcode times by up to 70%. 

Shotgun Integration

Seconds after recording, Shotgun receives camera footage and metadata needed for visual effects. This direct delivery into Shotgun avoids manual entry of metadata from camera sheets, eliminating human error and saving significant time and money.

Anywhere, Anytime

We get our kicks by helping you make better films. We’re passionate about the industry and will get your team up and running quickly. Should you need our help at any time, our knowledgeable production support team are available 24/7 via phone or email..





Metadata is extracted from many sources (QTAKE, ALE, XML, WAV files) to give you a personalized view of your footage.

Multiple File Formats

All uploaded files are available for download. For example, if DNxHD files are uploaded for the editor, these files will be transcoded to web-playable H264 .MP4 files. However the DNxHD files are preserved and available for download.

Accelerated Upload

Our high speed upload technology reduces upload times by up to 90%. If the connection is lost, the upload resumes from where it left off, keeping you sane when uploading over poor connections.

Performance and Availability

Delays frustrate crews and are the despair of producers. So let’s speed things up. With over 200,000 servers worldwide playback speed is not an issue. Multiple data centers provide greater than 99.99% availability.


Our Story


O U R   S T O R Y

With extensive experience in TV and film production, Moxion’s two founders knew there had to be a better way to go about filmmaking. One that would banish the anxieties of delays, reshoots and overruns that kept them up at night. They wanted to give filmmakers better tools to make better films, so they went about searching technological avenues that could make a difference.

Since 2015, they’ve grown Moxion by employing like-minded people with shared values: innovation, dependability and integrity. 

We are passionate about filmmaking, innovation and making our customers’ lives easier. Hearing how smoothly a production went and how we helped make a better film is what drives us.

Our amazing people are located in Auckland, New Zealand and in Los Angeles, California.
Our customers include independent, mid-sized and major productions and studios, working in places as diverse as the USA, Canada, UK, China, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand and even Fiji.


G E T   I N   M O X I O N

Think you might like to join us?

As a balanced blend of film people and technologists we’re always looking for talented people to join the Moxion team. If you have outstanding software-development or test-analyst skills, or you’re a great customer-support or sales person, we’d love to hear from you..


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