Filmmaking tools for the digital age.

The missing link between camera and post is here.


Everything changes with Moxion.

Instantly,  Everywhere.

Moxion lets you instantly and easily share what you want, with who you want. From wherever you are, to wherever they are, anywhere in the world.

Safe & Secure.

Our end-to-end encryption, live activity monitoring, private, secured data-centers and content delivery networks meet the toughest security needs of the industry.

Metadata Smart.

Moxion collates and stores metadata against your assets. Giving you the power to instantly access footage by scene, take, camera, actor - whatever you like.


“We are able to get footage to anyone in the world, quicker than any other method, and the security that is built in means I feel safe doing that.”

 David Ross, Post Production Supervisor
Power Rangers



We've been busy.


Why people love Moxion.

Share privately and securely.

Your film is locked down our iron-clad security. Feel safe in the knowledge you can share and review without prying eyes viewing your conversations.

Keep everything in order.

Your films are instantly accessible on your dashboard. All your assets, locations pictures, casting and whatever else you'd like to store are instantly accessible and at your fingertips.

Access instantly, everywhere.

Moxion is completely web based, there's nothing to download and nothing to install. If you have internet access, you have access to your film.

Your film in one place.

Watch your film come to life before your very eyes. Whether you're a producer, director or cinematographer you'll be able to access everything you've shot the instant it's uploaded.

Simplify your life with one login.

No need to keep track of USB sticks, DVDs, random passwords you can no longer remember, with one login to you can view everything you've ever worked on.

Fast, fast, fast.

Moxion has high speed content delivery servers in every nook and cranny on earth. Wherever you are, your film and your collaborators are just a few clicks away.

Instantly, everywhere.