Is my data safe?

Yes, without a doubt. Your data and credit card details are safe and secure. Moxion uses 256 bit TLS encryption and our payment processing providers are PCI Compliant. We also do continuous backups so your personal data is all safe. You’re welcome to read more of these details in our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We offer world-class support. We’re very proud of Moxion and want you to have the best experience possible. Our response time to support issues is the stuff of legend. Well, not really, but we’ll do anything and everything to make sure you have the best Moxion experience we can offer. We’ll be there for you in your darkest hour. You can use the support system in the application or email our team at

We also push new improvements and updates weekly, so you will be using the newest and latest version of at all times. Our team is dedicated to making Moxion amazing and that means constant improvement.

We hope you enjoy using Moxion!