Everything Changes With Moxion.


Share with your team what's being shot on set, in near real-time - on-set, near-set or worldwide - securely and complete with metadata.


M O X I O N   I N T R O D U C T I O N


A production collaboration platform for filmmakers.

Share with your team what's being shot on set, in near real-time - on-set, near-set or worldwide - securely and complete with metadata.


Instantly, Everywhere

Moxion lets you instantly and easily share what you want, with who you want. From the back of the camera to on-set, near-set or anywhere in the world in 90 seconds complete with metadata.

Safe & Secure

Our MPAA compliant DRM, end-to-end encryption, live activity monitoring, private, secured data-centres and content delivery networks meet the toughest security needs of the industry.

Metadata Smart

Moxion collates and stores metadata against your assets. Giving you the power to instantly access footage by scene, take, camera, actor - or your own custom tags.


M O X I O N   F E A T U R E S

Advanced features for professional filmmakers.

Advanced Metadata Collection

Metadata is extracted from many sources (QTAKE, ALE, XML, WAV files) and associated with the clips.

Multiple File Formats Stored

All uploaded files are available for download. For example, if DNxHD36 MXF files are uploaded for the editor, these files will be transcoded to web playable H264 .MP4 files - however the DNxHD files are held and are available for download.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a simple best practice that adds an extra layer of protection on top of your user name and password using text, phone call or Google authenticator.

Exclusive QTAKE Integration

QTAKE video assist tool uploads clips, complete with onset metadata (Scene, Shot, Take, Print Takes, Camera info etc) to Moxion. With the average clip being available, anywhere in the world, within 2 minutes of being shot on set.


A selection of assets (video, audio and stills) can be arranged in order, and sent as a secure link. This allows the viewer to review assets without having to login to Moxion.



Digital Rights Management (DRM)

We use Google Widevine DRM, which is the highest standard of browser delivery encryption.

Support For Tens of Thousands of Assets

Our batch structure and thumbnail viewer enables the user to quickly skim through and play the numerous clips generated on set. Our clients have comfortably managed over 50,000 individual clips on one production.

Lightning Fast Playback

Moxion has the fastest playback of any dailies service. We use three different CDN’s to deliver content. The CDN is selected as per a performance test against each user session. This enables us to give the best possible playback based on the user’s location and connection.

Advanced Watermarking

Watermarking with location and opacity settings. Watermarking may be overlaid, for speed, or burnt in. The overlaid watermarking has tamper protection at a browser level.

Virtual Folders

Metadata can be used to create virtual batches. For example you can group by scene and shot, and sort by take. This will group all clips with the same scene and shot into the same batch, and order them by take. This creates a highly flexible, efficient way of viewing and managing content.


Everything changes with Moxion.


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